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Personal Trainers Dallas Texas

Updated: May 27, 2023

If you're looking for personal trainers in Dallas, Texas, you've come to the right place. We are a team of highly skilled and certified professionals who are passionate about helping our clients reach their fitness goals.

We offer various services, including one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, and nutrition counseling. We also have a state-of-the-art facility with the latest fitness equipment and technology.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and care. Everyone is unique and deserves a customized approach to fitness and nutrition.

If you're ready to start your fitness journey, we would be honored to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

1. Train with Baylore

Train with baylore is a new online training platform that offers a range of courses on a variety of topics, including business, personal development, and technology.

The company was founded by baylore, who saw a need for a more personalized and flexible approach to online learning. Train with baylore courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, and each course is led by an expert instructor.

So why not try Train with baylore today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

There are other platforms you can check out:

2. Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator (CG) is a Dallas-based national fitness and nutrition program founded in many by four passionate friends who wanted to make fitness accessible and affordable to everyone. CG offers fun, challenging group classes by certified personal trainers and nutritionists.

CG Dallas is conveniently located near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and offers one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition counseling, and 30-minute express workouts. CG's signature class format is the Gladiator Workout, which consists of strength, core, and flex training focused on full-body conditioning and sports performance.

CG also offers a particular Gladiator Junior program for kids aged 7 to 11 and a Yoga program for clients looking for a low-impact, meditative experience. CG's fitness program is designed to meet the needs of every client, from beginners to professional athletes.

In addition to its signature program, CG Dallas also provides specialized nutrition programs, including meal plans, supplement advice, and personal coaching. CG's comprehensive approach ensures clients achieve their goals most effectively and efficiently.

3. Larry North Fitness

Larry North Fitness is a personal training facility located in Dallas, Texas. It is owned and operated by Larry North, a fitness guru, and personal trainer with over many years of experience in the field.

Larry North Fitness specializes in weight management, athletic performance, injury prevention, and body reshaping. Their team of highly experienced and certified trainers offers personal training services with one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions in a clean and private environment.

Larry North Fitness focuses on providing individualized, customized training programs specifically tailored to each client's needs. Some of the services they offer include strength, flexibility, agility, cardio conditioning, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

At Larry North Fitness, clients can expect continuous support and motivation from their coaches and instructors. They strive to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere that helps clients reach their fitness goals.

Larry North Fitness is the ideal choice if you are looking for a professional and experienced personal trainer in the Dallas area. With decades of experience, their trained and certified trainers are committed to helping their clients reach their fitness goals.

4. Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness

Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness is a state-of-the-art, underground personal training facility in Dallas, Texas, owned by a highly experienced and certified personal trainer and fitness guru, Billy Richard.

Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness specializes in helping clients reach their fitness goals through one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions in a private and personal setting. Billy and his professional trainers will work with you to develop a customized training program to target your individual goals.

Some services offered at Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness include strength and flexibility training, agility training, kettlebells, boxing, and cardio conditioning. They also provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health.

At Dallas Underground Strength & Fitness, you can expect a positive and inviting atmosphere when you enter the door. The team goes out of their way to make each one of their clients feel comfortable, confident, and motivated to reach their fitness goals.

5. Dethrone Basecamp

If you want a unique and exciting way to improve your fitness level, try DroneBaseCamp in Dallas, Texas. As a company based in Dallas, DroneBaseCamp specializes in offering clients App-guided drone-based practical fitness challenges.

The challenge is always conducted in a controlled, safe environment with a unique and dynamic course. As a Dronebase camper, you will race against the clock while navigating various obstacles while completing a full-body workout.

For those interested in exploring the fascinating world of drones, DroneBaseCamp also teaches classes throughout the year. Depending on the particular course, students will learn about flight programming, maneuverability, navigation, photography basics, and creative ideas.

At DroneBaseCamp, you will also have the opportunity to develop unique skills you can use daily. This is an excellent way to improve your fitness level in a fun, engaging, and creative way in Dallas, Texas.

6. Equinox Dallas

Equinox's facility in Dallas, Texas, offers a unique opportunity for potential personal trainers to explore the fitness world. The many-square-foot facility provides all the tools personal trainers need to help their clients reach their goals.

In addition to providing professional-grade equipment, many amenities are built to increase the comfort of all patrons. The facility has an expansive retail area, complete with snacks, drinks, and other healthy alternatives, as well as a 26-foot LED TV. These features ensure a comfortable and entertaining experience for those visiting the facility.

Regarding the services offered, Equinox's Dallas location has five distinct training areas and a private training space. This gives enough privacy to help patrons get the most out of their workouts. Various individual and group classes are offered for those hoping to develop their fitness level further.

What sets Equinox's Dallas location apart is the variety and quality of specialized equipment. This includes but is not limited to treadmills, Olympic lifting bars, battle ropes, Kinesis movement training systems, and even racks and specialty bars.

From the motivated staff to the unique amenities, Equinox in Dallas provides the perfect environment to take your personal training career to the next level.

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