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Grand Prairie personal trainer
Grand Prairie personal trainer_train with Baylore

Baylore Walker, Co-founder of Untitled Fitness Lab (Grand Prairie, TX) and Founder of Train with Baylore, is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He also holds several specializations through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in: Corrective Exercise, Fitness Nutrition, as well as being a stretch pracitioner the Stretch to Win Institue. He has more than five years of experience in personal training within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area. His football history in high school and at collegiate level led him begin athletic and personal training.  

Baylore studied in the field of kinesiology at the University of Texas in Arlington, and received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (2018), concentrated on Fitness/Wellness. He continues to further his knowledge on the mechanics of body movements, deepening his passion for exercise.

His clients include collegiate athletes, U.S. veterans, music artist, and everyday people. He focuses on different levels of training with each of his clients in various aspects of fitness such as: weight loss training, resistance training, functional training, circuit training, endurance training, TRX and more. Baylore's approach when engaging with clients only adds to a great exercise experience, while he is informative and humorous. Many have requested Baylore's service for formal events and stayed on making him apart of their frequent fitness program.


Baylore has developed Train With Baylore & Untitled Fitness Lab with the intention reach a diverse population of people who not only wish to achieve peak physical fitness, but also gain confidence. Baylore wishes to promote a balanced activity and fulfilling lifestyle. Train With Baylore continues to aim and create many ways to aid surrounding communities and distant communities to move more and live a better life. Baylore's empowerment sends a message that reaches every age group.



1. Training

Discover simple but effective strength training methods you need to see results from a National Champion.

2. Nutrition

Baylore has perfected his diet and nutrition to stay lean and strong. He’ll help you do the same.

3. Mindset

At train with baylore Glasgow you’ll discover how to smash through the mind barriers blocking your goals.

4. Accountability

Not only will be provide step-by-step guidance along the way, we'll regularly check-in and hold you to account to make sure you take action and get those results you deserve.


My mission is not merely to survive, but to thrive. No man is capable of keeping ME from my purpose.

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