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“Training with Baylore was such a good experience. He made it fun, showed me so many new workouts I can now do on my own, and when I was struggling he encouraged me to finish. I would recommend him to everyone who is willing to put in the work for the results they want to see, because he will definitely help you get there.”

Brianna Brooks
Oct 20, 2018

“My experience; training with Baylore has been great, I have lost over 34lbs in just 8 weeks!!! My personal trainer Rock's! The advice he gives you on nutrition is unmatched, tailored to you and your lifestyle, Train with Baylore you won't regret it”

Emmanuel Awuley
Aug 12, 2017

“"Within the first 2 weeks of training with Baylore I begin to see small changes in my figure, I never seen my body change so rapidly"”

December 5, 2016

“Baylore is a 6-star trainer. His training style is serious, focused, flexible, and motivating. He gets down to business with you but isn’t trying to kill you. He is the full package of professional fitness training. Baylore is trustworthy and guaranteed to take each step with you on your exercise journey. He’s also one of the nicest guys around. You’ll be hooked once you give him a try!!”

Jori Lindsay
Dec 15, 2017

“Training with Baylore is not easy! And that's exactly the point. He pushes you to be a better you! We would work out at 6:00 am, half sleep together and would make it happen! I lost 8lbs in one month of working with him. He has definitely found his calling, don't believe me? Try him out yourself”

Aliyah Day
Jul 31, 2017

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