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30-Day Weight Loss Program

$39.99 (Avaliable Now)

The "30-Day Weight Loss Program" consists of a routine training regimen, fitness nutrition recommendations aimed to help the client achieve weight loss, and manage their weight loss for the long run. The goal of this program is to reduce body fat and ensure that weight becomes manageable. Yes! You can do it, get started now! 


 Calorie needs

 High Quality Food List

 Harmful Food to Avoid

 Meal Recommendation

 Hacks to Weight Management

 Exercise Agenda

 Access to Train with Baylore: Exercise Library

*program will be sent to the email address that it is used upon purchase*

Rounds for Pounds

"Rounds for Pounds" consists of various high-intensity training multi-muscle grouped exercises. This program will help men/women lower body fat, build endurance, and strength. This program is specifically designed to provide you with exercises that can be done from your own space rather it be your living room, gym, hotel, and/or bedroom.


• Exercises with Video

• Diet Recommendations

• No calorie counting

• Gender based portion control

*program will be sent to the email address that was used during the purchase*

G2 Program

$24.99 (Coming Soon)

The "Glutes and Gut Program" consists of various exercises, through experience and research, to help strengthen and grow the gluteal muscles, shrink the mid-section. This program is best for clients who are wanting to see their glutes increase in size, lower body fat, and help increase posterior chain activation. .



• Exercises with Videos and Descriptions

• Goal Emphasized Training Guidelines

• Diet Recommendations

*program will be sent to the email address that was used during the purchase*

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